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October 25, 2012

Letter: Support for Lyons eliminating clinic buffer zone

Editor, Townsman:

When I read Rebecca Backman’s letter in the Oct. 11 Townsman, I felt compelled to address three of her points.

First, her assumption that since Roe v. Wade women no longer have to deal with the “dangers and difficulties” of abortion is not true. An abortion is still a dangerous procedure and thousands of women in the past 40 years have suffered both physical and emotional problems as a result of a “legal” abortion. For years, women have born their pain in secret, but now are starting to bond together and to share their personal stories through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. In listening to these videos we are able to hear the truth about the devastating effects of an abortion.

An abortion is a degrading experience, and our women deserve better.

My second point is the writer’s use of the word “protester” to refer to the people who stand outside an abortion facility, in the heat and the cold, in the wind and the rain, being there for any woman who has second thoughts about her decision. They are there to offer help to those in trouble, and hope to those in despair, not to protest. They are sidewalk counselors, but I call them angels. Many babies lives have been spared, and women’s lives restored to dignity. They would never harass anyone, I know that for sure.

My last point is about the 35-foot buffer zone that has been imposed around abortion facilities. It is absolutely not necessary from the standpoint of safety, but I can see that it helps the abortion business to bring in all paying customers.

I hope that I have helped shed some light on the darker side of abortion, and that people will begin to see it in a different way.

I support Rep. Jim Lyons in his effort to eliminate that unnecessary and restrictive buffer zone.

Helen Taylor

4 Elysian Drive

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