Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


February 13, 2014

Businesses urged to keep sidewalks clear

Editor, Townsman:

I wanted to congratulate the town’s snow removal crew on doing an excellent job with regard to clearing the sidewalks. This is always a difficult and challenging operation considering the nature and the number of impediments — signs, hydrants, curbs and so much more. Unfortunately, there seems to be several businesses that fail to value this extraordinary service by the town and I wish to encourage action on your part to see that this is corrected.

In particular, the McDonald’s restaurant on North Main has continually thwarted pedestrian traffic every winter by failing to clear the walk in front of the store and has allowed large snow piles to be deposited directly onto the sidewalk after the city’s plow has passed. The piles are very difficult and almost impossible to surmount by pedestrians without endangering themselves by detouring into the busy street.

McDonald’s has proven themselves entirely indifferent over the years to the plight of pedestrian traffic, which can be heavy at times. Both the elderly and school-age children frequent the walk and often traverse the road itself at that location to do business or report for work either at the store or the plaza.

Please take action to rectify this potentially dangerous situation. McDonald’s needs to insure that the snow it clears from its parking lot for the remainder of this winter and for those ahead does not infringe on the access and safety of sidewalk traffic.

C. Kasper

78 High St.

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