Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


March 6, 2014

History of community service in O'Donoghue

Editor, Townsman:

From time to time, Andover is remarkably fortunate to have a unique and gifted individual run for public office. Mary O’Donoghue is such a person. I have known Mary for many years. She presents with three very valuable gifts, all of which will make her a wonderful selectman.

First, Mary is bright with a quick and sparkling intellect. She grasps issues and understands the essence very well and with compelling depth. Second, she has a history of community service and has learned and listened. She has served on the Finance Committee. She has done numerous acts of community service, especially serving as president of the Kiwanis Club. Finally, she has a terrific sense of humor. Her laughter makes a serious discussion rich and interesting. She is able to turn anger into cooperation with great skill.

We should be grateful she has chosen to run for the office of selectman. I enthusiastically rise to her support.

Dr. Larry Larsen

Former selectman, 1991 to 2000

28 Andover St.

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