Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

February 6, 2014

Web Question

The Andover Townsman


“American Idol” hopeful Casey McQuillen of Andover has made it to Hollywood. How far do you think she’ll go in the competition?

HOLLYWOOD: She’ll perform in Hollywood, but won’t be among the 30 or so performers moving on to the next round. She will be knocked out here.

FINAL 30: McQuillen will be picked to go onto the next level of 30 or so contestants.

FINAL 16: She will be chosen as one of the 16 contestants for season 13, and move on to the public voting rounds.

FINAL THREE: She’ll finish in the top three and dominate attention through to the highest stages of voting.

CHAMPION!: Ladies and gentlemen, Casey McQuillen is going to win it all. Mark my words.


Last week, we asked, “With state Sen. Barry Finegold running for state treasurer and his Senate seat opening up, how important is it for the next senator to be from Andover?” With 63 responses, the answers were:

IMPORTANT: An Andover resident would know Andover issues best and be the most skilled at lobbying for us — 30 votes, 47.62 percent.

NOT IMPORTANT: A senator from another town in the district, such as Tewksbury or Lawrence, will still represent Andover well — 27 votes, 42.86 percent.

INDIFFERENT: I don’t get involved in state-level politics, so where a senator is from has no bearing on me — six votes, 9.52 percent.