Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 2, 2014

AHS Student Government should be open forum

Editor, Townsman:

As a senior at Andover High School, I question how the Student Government can continue to claim that it represents the views of all students (“Student Government is the voice at AHS,” Dec. 26). This letter outlined many of the issues with the current student government, mainly the fact that one must fill out an application and have it reviewed before they are “admitted.” This notion that only some students can be in Student Government means that it cannot claim to represent the views of all students at AHS.

Any and every student that wants to participate in Student Government should be allowed to do so without having to fill out an application and have it reviewed. The very premise of Student Government is that it is supposed to be an open forum for all students to have their voices heard by the school’s administration and the community as a whole. As of right now, only 17 students have been “admitted” to participate. Until this issue is remedied, I have to agree with my fellow students (“Student Government views do not represent AHS,” Dec. 5) that the Student Government is merely another extracurricular club and cannot possibly claim to represent the views of the other 1,785 students.

Jeremy Slovin


Andover High School

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