Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


April 11, 2013

Race, dinner send important message


“I’d do 10 of these before I’d do another one of those,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s selfish, but it’s because Josh did something for me. I can go to the park and play softball and he went over into the desert.”

To raise money for Bouchard’s home last year, people were given the chance to sign or leave messages on the wood boards that were used to frame the house. The boards and the messages remain within the home. But one board was left over when the project was finished, according to builder Brad Campbell. He swears it was not done on purpose. The piece of lumber says, “From the day you were born, you have always been a hero.” The message was from Bouchard’s mom and dad.

The workers decided to mount the piece in Bouchard’s garage, so that he would see the note whenever he pulled into his home.

A 2x4 board was sitting outside the dinner last Friday for people to sign for Kevin Dubois, who will benefit from this year’s race. That little piece of Andover will be mounted in Dubois’ garage, which will be built starting May 18. It’s something he’ll see every time he drives into the home that Andover helped build.

The messages on the lumber are tributes to the sacrifice and bravery of Dubois. And, in a small and different way, that board will be a tribute to the power that a few committed people can have in Andover and other communities, too.

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