Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

October 31, 2013

Scarecrows send a positive message

The Andover Townsman

---- — Scarecrows send a positive message

Editor, Townsman:

In response to David Berman’s comments that scarecrows have jarring effect (Townsman, Oct. 24), what a short-sighted and insensitive comment. I wonder if he even bothered to examine any of the scarecrows before he wrote his letter? My family and I spent part of Sunday at the Scarecrow Festival checking out each of the 40-plus whimsical, quirky scarecrows along Main Street and thoroughly enjoyed it. Each of them was thoughtfully created by elementary and middle school students of our town and many were sold with the proceeds going to charity. There were themed scarecrows, inspirational scarecrows, memorial scarecrows and, obviously, lots of time and effort put into each one by both the students and teachers. I for one certainly hope they continue this tradition next year. It brought people downtown, everyone seemed to enjoy the festivities and certainly not once did any of us think it was “jarring or disturbing” as Mr. Berman describes. My favorite one was titled “Character takes Courage” and emphasized how important people in history, people of character, stood up for what they believed in even though that often was not the most popular choice. What a terrific message for our youth. Perhaps Mr. Berman can visit this scarecrow before they take it down? He might learn a thing or two.

Paul J. Reppucci

338 Salem St.