Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


October 11, 2012

Letter: We too have been towed for shopping downtown

Editor, Townsman:

My wife and I understand exactly how Sharon N. Fisher feels, because we too had our car towed from the parking lot in front of Salvatore’s restaurant at 34 Park St.

We would like to point out that a sign at the lot entrance reads as follows: “Park Street Shops, Authorized Parking Only, Unauthorized Cars Will Be Towed Away At Owner’s Expense.” That would seem to explain it, except that we were shopping at shops on Park Street. Another sign reads: “Customer Parking Only For: Lillian Montalto, The Rugged Bear, Salon Marc Harris, All Violators Will Be Towed,” although two of those shops no longer occupy the building.

We spoke to two Elm Street Auto tow-truck operators, who were courteous, insofar as it was possible to be courteous while holding our car hostage and demanding payment in cash. Why do you suppose checks and credits cards are not accepted?

We wish all the best to Salvatore’s when they open for business. However, there will be no need to save us a parking space, or a table. It would be too uncomfortable to dine there after being handled this way.

Tony Bielecki and Rose Redmond

Marion Avenue

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