Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 24, 2013

Editorial: Town lacks focus on its key projects


We’d like to see the town focus on a couple of major goals and ensure they are completed to near perfection. Considering the amount of money and time devoted to issues such as the new Bancroft School, replacing or repairing the Ballardvale Fire Station and consolidating the public works and plant-and-facilities departments, those would be three reasonable choices.

Fickle weather

We humans think we have a lot of things pretty well figured out when it comes to the mechanisms of how our planet operates. Well, we had yet another humbling session Tuesday morning that reminded us that we humans are not quite so advanced as we think.

The weather forecasters and their high-tech computer models and diagrams had some people all stirred up for the biggest dumping of snow in a couple of years.

That dusting that swirled down the night before was all we got. The storm decided it didn’t want to do what our computers said it would do.

All that preparation was for naught. We heading into work or off to school or appointments as usual. At least we all had something to complain about, something to make the sting of the Patriots’ uninspired defeat feel a little more distant.

We are so far ahead of where our ancestors were a century ago. They had no idea of all the complications that this planet is capable of. But perhaps, at times like this, they were better off. They’d never know what didn’t hit them.

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