Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


September 26, 2013

Traffic a universal concern in Andover


Police had already started taking action, conducting a traffic survey, doing radar patrols and studying other options for making the road safer. Town Manager Reginald “Buzz” Stapczynski told residents they could put together a warrant article seeking funding for a sidewalk. He noted that while the town won’t be doing a repaving project there for another year or two, once that is complete, the road will be wider and safer.

In short, the neighbors’ actions led to results. Town Hall did listen.

An online survey on showed that it’s not just the Ballardvale section of town that is of concern. Traffic is worrisome all over. While police can’t be everywhere, it’s good to know that if a neighborhood has a problem, they can reach out and their concern will translate into results.

Meanwhile, State Police have stepped up the ticketing of people caught texting and driving. A federally funded program is paying troopers in the Andover barracks to go out on patrols to find and cite people who are breaking the state law against texting and driving.

While sometimes it is tricky to tell the difference between someone making a phone call and sending a text, troopers are refining their observational skills and becoming more aggressive about citing lawbreakers.

In the first month of the program this past June, State Police pulled over and cited 440 people. Also that month, troopers wrote 509 citations for impeded operation.

The second phase of the operation started Sept. 16 and will run until Oct. 11. Troopers are looking for people texting and driving in Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, North Andover and several other, neighboring communities.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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