Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


September 13, 2012

Letter: Recycling event draws ire


Editor, Townsman:

The Townsman ran announcements for several weeks about “Ethical Electronics” recycling used screens, computers and electronics at the bookstore on Sept. 8. Nowhere in the announcements did it state that they charge you $1 per pound.

I showed up down there with about 200 pounds of screens, etc., and was shocked when the guy told me I had to pay them to recycle the stuff. I told him it was false advertising to lure people into loading up their cars and hoofing it down there only to be tricked into paying for it. I kept my stuff and drove off.

This feels like the rest of the so called “green scam economy”: tell people that ethanol, wind mills, solar panels and electric cars make economic sense, when in fact the economics only work as long as there are huge taxpayer subsidies to the manufacturers and in some cases (ethanol, cape windmills) consumers are forced to buy the stuff at inflated prices!

If the Obama/Elizabeth Warren energy plan calls for more of that voodoo economics, I’m voting for Romney/Ryan and Scott Brown. I want my kids to be able to find jobs in a real economy when they finish college, not some green job scamming people who want to recycle.

Sam Washburn

39 Oriole Drive

[Editor’s note: The brief announcement that ran in the Townsman said people would receive a gift certificate worth 10 percent of what they spent to recycle, but did not specify how much it would cost to recycle.]

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