Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


December 27, 2012

Letter: Use new Bancroft as youth center, too

Editor, Townsman:

Another year, another slog toward the building of the Andover Youth Center. Over a decade in the making, it’s now to be built “in stages,” which means now to be built without a gym. Classrooms and a fitness area will be started this summer. Budget $4.2 million. If only we already had a building for youth with classrooms and a gym...

Meanwhile, the Bancroft Elementary School project (where they tear town a perfectly good school and replace it with a perfectly good school) is $5 million over budget. But it might be more, might be less -- Chairman Tom Deso can’t really say. He blames lawsuits that prevented the start of the project. I guess no one could have seen that coming and added it into the budget.

Moving the youth center to the old Town Yard isn’t an option since that would be free.

How about this: We take the $4.2 million for the youth center and give it to the Bancroft school project, which will double as a youth center. Since the youth will already be there, this will cut down on transportation costs, too.

If we start fighting about it now, we could probably get it done in less time than it took to get permission to put a banner over Main Street for events (seven years).

Jackie Ferrara

31A School St.

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