Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

November 7, 2013

Call for gun control lacked substance

The Andover Townsman

---- — Editor, Townsman:

Mr. Zipeto is a frequent and passionate contributor to the Andover Townsman’s letter pages, but his cri de coeur of Oct. 10 (“Let’s Reduce Gun Fatalities”) does little to define the problem, propose solutions or even state the author’s own opinion of the issue. It does manage to create confusion and uncertainty as to what exactly Mr. Zipeto is trying to communicate.

In presenting a couple statistics, absent attribution or context, Mr. Zipeto demonstrates a profound confusion between the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, by asserting, “… the constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are also part of our Constitution” and concludes the letter with non sequiturs and appeals to vanity and undefined action.

While I would certainly welcome the opportunity to have a debate on gun violence in the forum provided by The Townsman, Mr. Zipeto’s letter presents nothing to debate.

John Jordan

Suffolk, Va.

(Jordan was raised in Andover and graduated from Andover High School in 1996.)