Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


July 10, 2014

Letter: Be proactive about saving Andover Bookstore

Editor, Townsman:

Ask yourselves, “What if we wake up one morning to find we no longer have a bookstore?”

We, as the Andover Bookgroup, are very concerned about the recent news that Phillips Academy has severed a 205-year relationship with Andover Bookstore, putting the bookstore’s long-term viability at risk. Several Phillips Academy faculty wives and their community friends started our book group, which has existed since the late 1970s. Since that time, we have regularly ordered and purchased books from the bookstore. In that process, we have built relationships with the staff and the owners. An independent bookstore is part of the cultural fabric of Andover. It would be an enormous loss to the town if the bookstore, in business for 205 years, fails. It is the second oldest bookstore in the country!

Ask yourselves if it is a satisfying experience for Amazon to tell you what you should read based on the purchases you have made or is it more enriching to have a personal interaction with your local, experienced bookseller, to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee by the cozy fireplace, listen live to an author or poet or have your child enjoy story time with Susan Lenoe?

While we cannot control what Phillips Academy does, we can control how we make our decisions and where we make our purchases. Please, patronize our local independent bookseller. Be proactive. Support Andover Bookstore.

On behalf of all 16 members of the Andover Bookgroup,

Karen Herman

50 Sunset Rock Road

Margaret Kimball

89 Prospect Road

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