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July 17, 2013

Heavy-hearted over loss of Strawberry Hill Farm

Editor, Townsman:

The opening of Strawberry Hill Farm marks the beginning of spring for all of us out here in West Andover. Looking forward to enjoying the farm’s fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as surrounding our homes in the beautiful hot house-grown plants, will surely be missed.

According to the article written in the Townsman recently (Out to Pasture, July 11), Strawberry Hill Farm is one of the last working farms here in Andover. Nearly a century of farming is coming to an end. It is truly a shame considering how local farming of organically grown food has captured such attention in the media. People are becoming aware and are demanding better, safer food.

Peter Loosigian says the farm can’t exist without a farmer and that farming has to be in your blood. He says he is not a farmer and his heart is not in it. Farming is challenging work. I do understand his dilemma and I can empathize with how difficult it must be to let go of this important part of his family’s history.

However, does the farm really have to close? Is that the only option here? Do we need to lose such a valuable community resource? If Peter’s heart is now longer in it, is there someone whose heart is?

Linda Biles

7 LaMancha Way

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