Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


April 18, 2013

Zoning change critical for Andover's future


With this zoning amendment, the Planning Board is responding to a need that has been vetted over the last eight months in meetings with neighborhood groups, employees and company executives, and town officials. We are gratified to report that the article has been met with overwhelming support; it is an extremely well thought out amendment that gives ample regulatory discretion to the town to protect its interests and meet its goals.

In summary, why do we recommend the approval of this zoning change?

1. To bring badly needed services to thousands of residents and employees who live/work in or near our Industrial Districts.

2. To make Andover more attractive for businesses to locate here, allowing us to capture spending dollars and tax receipts to lessen the burden on our taxpayers

3. To improve overall property values for the area and for the town.

Please help us improve the quality of our existing Industrial Districts as we work to make Andover one of the best towns to live and work in America.



Economic Development Council

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