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May 29, 2014

Pomps Pond fee increase unfair to seniors

Editor, Townsman:

I am quite surprised and upset that the cost of a 2014 Pomps Pond sticker for seniors is almost double what it was last year. The senior early-bird rate is 1.75 times last year’s and the regular season rate is 1.93 times.

I have lived in Andover for 30-plus years and have recently attained senior status. Swimming is the only form of exercise I enjoy and I look forward to Pomps Pond each year.

Here are the rates for 2013 and 2014:



2013: $60; 2014: $75

Percent increase: 25 percent


2013: $40; 2014: $70

Percent increase: 75 percent



2013: $100; 2014: $150

Percent increase: 50 percent


2013: $75; 2014: $145

Percent increase: 93 percent

What makes these figures even worse is that a resident sticker allows a full family carload in, whereas seniors usually come alone, or if they are lucky enough to have a spouse still living, their car brings two people at most.

These increases have an adverse impact on seniors and are not fair. I understand that costs increase — but why single out seniors to bear the brunt of them? I e-mailed the Department of Community Services about it, but their reasons for singling out seniors were not satisfactory.

If any seniors know someone in town who can correct this injustice, please contact them ASAP. We have only until June 15 to get the early-bird rate.

Sharon Magnuson

Old South Lane

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