Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

October 4, 2012

Scott Brown not what he says he is

The Andover Townsman

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Editor, Townsman:

Scott Brown shed his “nice guy” public persona and his “people’s senator” title the day he declared that Elizabeth Warren could not be a Native American based solely on the color of her skin.

In my view, he is incredibly cynical in his efforts to appeal to Massachusetts voters by using outdated racial stereotypes as a way to win an election.

Elizabeth Warren has responded to his questions and concerns about her family history. It is now up to the voters of Massachusetts to judge the importance of this issue when they go to the polls on Nov. 6.

According to a recent campaign mailer, Scott Brown claims to be an independent leader for Massachusetts. However, his senate voting record demonstrates otherwise.

He has repeatedly voted with the Republican Party leadership against the interests of Massachusetts voters and their families. He voted no to renew Student Loan relief. He co-sponsored the effort to limit women’s access to health care insurance coverage at work. He voted no to give women equal pay for equal work. Brown voted no to help 9/11 responders exposed to toxins get needed health care coverage. He voted no to protect clean air regulations.

Scott Brown’s support for jobs for Massachusetts citizens is just as abysmal. He voted no to promote American jobs while discouraging off-shore jobs, no to protecting 22,000 Massachusetts teacher, firefighter, and police jobs, no to creating 11,000 Massachusetts infrastructure repair jobs, and no to providing summer jobs for teens.

Scott Brown has been carping about alleged checked boxes for several months now, but has not produced any evidence to demonstrate that his claims are truthful. By masterfully muddying the political waters during the campaign, he has avoided the need to defend his own voting record on jobs, health care, education, the environment, and many other issues that are important to Massachusetts voters. With little time left in the campaign, it is high time that Scott Brown begin defending his past senate votes, and engage in meaningful dialogue and debate with Elizabeth Warren.

John F. Zipeto

14 Canterbury St.