Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 8, 2012

Letter: Opposition to meat prepared under Islamic law


I find it disturbing that the political correctness and the pseudo-human rights activists always find a way to get an exemption from such well established law. Such exemption has obviously been allowed here, in the U.S., since the package states “made in the USA”. I can not tell you how many disapproving looks I receive when in the winter time I wear my rabbit coat. We are all aware that rooster fights, dog fights, and all kinds of animal abuse will bring criminal charges, but to make an animal suffer inhumanely in spasms as it is dying is just fine if it is done as a concession to Islam.

My question is: What is the percentage of Muslims living in this area for Market Basket to justify putting this on their shelves? My own (politically incorrect) answer would be as many as there were in Cambridge last year when school officials established a Muslim holiday; another day off in public schools. The percentage of Muslims? Next to nothing.

I am concerned that many who shop regularly in Market Basket have absolutely no idea what “Halal” means. They will just see chicken and buy it. The result would incorrectly “show” a greater demand for “Halal” meat than there actually is.

Zuzana D. Livingstone

Lovejoy Road

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