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August 29, 2013

Upset by `callous' disregard for trees

Editor, Townsman

Your Aug. 15 in-depth piece on the library’s installation of the beautiful elm photo-banner was excellent, and I was enjoying it until the very last paragraph, which might well have been omitted given some thought and tact.

Was it necessary to state that the Doherty paving project has forced some residents to “shed green tears” over the “loss of some unhealthy trees”? This was snide, uncalled for and furthermore untrue.

None of us in the area have any problem with the removal of trees that are nearing the end of their lifespan and obviously deteriorating. What we find upsetting is the callous disregard for those trees that are for the most part in glorious health, of historic value and the main components of the little park that was our homes’ only protection from being sucked into the school zone.

I doubt that any independent arborist would agree that those trees’ safety is being protected, given the masses of roots torn out and the omission to date of any water provided for their remaining roots. In fact, the first casualty (the tulip poplar) has just turned yellow and is dropping all its leaves from shock. Yes, for these trees we are indeed shedding “green tears.”

The library people, Karen Herman and designer Suzanne Korschun, are to be commended for their concept and execution of the new banner. It is a striking image and a reminder of the heritage we have lost, in this case through no fault of our own. It should serve to remind us all of the value of the historic trees we still have, which should be cherished, protected and preserved, and not sacrificed to expediency so that all we have are images to remember them by.

Kristina Trott

Morton Street

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