Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


May 22, 2013

Building material donations benefit many

Editor, Townsman:

On behalf of our members, Boston Building Resources ( would like to thank everyone in the Town of Andover for their continued support of our organization. The Zero Waste Day on May 4 is the most recent example of the many ways in which the Reuse Center at BBR has come to benefit from the generosity of Andover residents. We were able to capture quite a bit of good material otherwise destined for a landfill. As with all past years, it was flawlessly executed. Our special thanks to the organizers and multiple volunteers.

On account of their volunteer efforts, it is one of our favorite such events to attend. Secondly, there are the pickups we make at the homes of Andover residents hoping to find a good home for surplus building materials. And lastly, we have come to depend upon the generosity of many small businesses that either donate inventory to us or direct customers to us. Those important gestures of generosity help us in our mission to redirect good, quality building materials from the waste stream and put them in the hands of our members at steeply reduced prices. For those reasons, we consider Andover to be a star player in the lineup of area communities that make our organization work. Although our income-qualified members do not generally know much about the origin of the material they purchase through us, we are sure they would express their gratitude.

Thanks, Andover, and please continue to practice kind acts of sustainability.

Paul Kiefer

Donations Manager

Boston Building Resources


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