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July 19, 2012

Letter from candidate: Hope to keep 17th as Andover seat

Candidate seeks to keep 17th 'an Andover seat'

Editor, Townsman:

I tremendously appreciate the Townsman's editorial July 5 on the dramatic effects that redistricting now has to effective leadership and representation to our town ("With Tierney's troubles, state redistricting plan bites Andover again"). The opinion is accurate in telling us exactly the "what and how" the Tierney woes and the splintering of representation of Andover through redistricting will have as a dramatic and terrible impact to our town. What the opinion did not mention was that despite Andover's representative participation on the state's redistricting committee, we either had a limited impact, clout or say in the outcome on not just a redistricted congressional seat but also the dramatic loss of leverage in the long traditional Andover seat in the 17th Essex Legislative District, which has been likewise gerrymandered by designed to become a portion of a majority minority seat out of Lawrence. (The 17th represents 38.5 percent of the entire population of Andover.)

The defiance and rejection of the common sense to this plan is what fuels my longshot campaign to hold the 17th as an Andover seat.

With all that we now know about the political culture and poor government execution in the city of Lawrence, perhaps new and proven experience and leadership out of Andover might create positive solutions in order for Lawrence to aspire to be more like Andover and not the other way around.

Kevin M. Cuff

265 Beacon St.

The writer is an independent candidate for the 17th Essex State Representative seat.

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