Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


December 13, 2012

Letter: Levels are simple solution to this math problem


Treat those less talented students as equally special: give them material that suits their needs, prepares them fully for state tests, and allows them to achieve in high school (their teachers will not be distracted by those other students who want to get ahead as so many desperately do).

Everybody would benefit from this system. Andover High School would benefit greatly, receiving better prepared students (with far fewer holes in their math education) who will do better in calculus, on the SAT, and later on in college. AP and MCAS scores would increase, and our declining school would be on the rise again. But do you know the best part? It wouldn’t cost any more than the gas money to drive geometry and precalculus textbooks from the high school to the middle schools.

It is time for the Andover Public Schools to stop settling for the status quo, and it really is as simple as treating students as exactly how they are: special.

Bryan McGuiggin

7 Beech Circle

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