Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


April 3, 2014

Good luck wishes for O'Donoghue, board

Editor, Townsman:

I would like to congratulate Mary O’Donoghue on her win last Tuesday. I wish her and the entire board well, with all the issues that are ahead of them. I believe everything happens for a reason and she is meant to be there at this particular time and that I am meant for something else.

While she may feel I chose to attack her with some of my comments, I can assure her that was not my intention. I merely repeated some sentiments and concerns expressed by some of the people I spoke to.

Also, I would encourage others to get involved in running for office; it is a great experience. As I stated at the League of Women Voters debate, people should be involved with decision making at every level of government. At the very least, we need to vote; it’s our duty as citizens and it’s a power we sometimes forget we have.

So, again, I say congratulations Mary and good luck.

Jodi Oberto

11 Hartford Circle

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