Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


December 12, 2013

Waiting and hoping for answers on Magee murders


It’s hard to imagine that anyone in the general public with information hasn’t come forward by now. And it at least appears that those who may have details are not inclined to share them.

Perhaps if some of those details came to light — some background or clues as to potential motive — it might offer some ideas of what areas law enforcement authorities are looking into and lead someone to perhaps be able to connect the dots.

On the one-year anniversary last year, a local crime expert said about one-third of murders — whether committed by an acquaintance or a stranger — are never solved.

But he did say without warning, police can receive a random call or tip that blows the case wide open. The thinnest thread can unravel the entire puzzle, he said.

“It’s also possible that somebody will get arrested for something else and they say, ‘I have information.’ Loyalties become strained,” said Larry Siegel, a criminology author and criminal justice professor at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, speaking generally about murder investigations.

Let’s hope that happens with the Magee killings. Until then, all their family can do is wait and hope that someone who knows something decides to come clean.

An arrest or arrests in the case won’t change the outcome. The Magee family has lost their parents and grandparents. But in all criminal cases, solving the case provides closure. And without closure, the unanswered questions will continue to haunt not only John and Geraldine Magee’s relatives — but the community — which will always feel a little uneasy knowing that two residents were killed so brutally in the privacy of their own Andover home.




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