Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


April 24, 2013

Time to say 'no' to out-of-control spending


The cold, hard reality of this scheme is that it is built upon a set of assumptions that are such a monumental house of cards that if one, just one, of the selectmen’s rose-colored-glasses assumptions is off, even slightly, this project will become a financial white elephant of galactic proportions.

It is a sad commentary on the town manager’s and selectmen’s priorities that they continually put forward pet megabucks projects like this wasteful town yard relocation scheme at the same time they force the town’s kids to pay hundreds of dollars per year in fees for bus transportation to school and for extracurricular activities at school.

Since our town manager and several of our selectmen cannot control their spending benders, I urge every town resident to attend this year’s Town Meeting and vote “new” on the many new spending articles being proposed by the town manager and the selectmen, especially Articles 30 and 31, which are a backdoor attempt to sneak a huge financial white elephant under everyone’s noses. It’s time to put a stop to Town Hall’s spending binges. It’s time we parents and grandparents said “NO to new spending by Town Hall while our kids and grandkids are being forced to pay fees to get to school.”


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