Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


October 30, 2012

MORE ON ELECTION: Letters submitted after deadline for Oct. 25 paper


Editor, Townsman:

We are enthusiastically
writing today in support of Barry
Finegold’s bid for re-election to the state senate. He has been a driving force serving the Merrimack Valley for
many years, first as our state representative, and secondly and most
recently, as our state senator.

We have seen Senator Finegold work
for all his constituents and we have been impressed with his
diligence, honesty and enthusiasm. In particular Andover has
benefited as Finegold has pushed to try to restore funding
levels to our town that have been lost over the past few years,
particularly in the area of education. He has been an advocate for
growth in all the communities he represents by encouraging business
development through out of the box thinking. Finegold is not afraid to
make the hard choices when it is necessary even if it might not
always be the most popular decision. 

We have watched Finegold over the course of his political career, both on a local and
state level, stand up for what he believes is right. Most recently we
have had the pleasure of working with him as we push forward with
the Andover Youth Foundation’s initiative to build a youth center
in town. A dream long in the making, Finegold was an
integral part of our campaign last year as we brought this initiative
to a vote at the Special Town Meeting. He helped us build bridges
with local officials as we sought out a partnership and worked
towards building a collaborative relationship with the town

This was not the first time he has
stood up for the youth in our community. As a state representative, he helped Andover Youth Services
and the Andover Youth Foundation secure a three-year grant which
helped us to continue to offer and to grow programs for the young
people of Andover even though the town budget was tight.

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