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October 30, 2012

MORE ON ELECTION: Letters submitted after deadline for Oct. 25 paper


This perfectly exemplifies L'Italien's approach to many difficult issues. When she saw a problem, she tackled it directly, working together with both sides. Partisanship and bickering are, sadly, all too common in Washington, but here in Massachusetts L'Italien put her constituents first and was willing to work with Republicans and Democrats to address the issue. We need more legislators like L'Italien—legislators willing to work with both sides to serve their community, not pursue an ideological agenda at the community's expense.

Rita Gardner

10 Christian Way

Moran 'gets it'

Editor, Townsman:

I support Frank Moran as Massachusetts State Representative for the 17th Essex District advocating for Andover, Methuen and Lawrence.

He is in his third year as Lawrence City Councilor at Large and is council president, a small business owner and has two kids in college.

He knows Lawrence and wants the city to be financially independent. He sees the city of Lawrence in the future able to help Andover and Methuen instead of the other way around.

Moran gets it. He knows improving education is extremely important because the students of Methuen, Andover and Lawrence are in competition with students from every town, every city, every state and every country in this global economy. As an educator myself, I agree with him.

He understands the issues and will do all he can to help all the citizens of the 17th Essex District be free to be successful.
Frank Moran has earned my support and my vote on Nov. 6, and I encourage you to consider him as well.

Ralph Bledsoe

Brechin Terrace

History shows buffer zones needed

Editor, Townsman:

A heated debate has been sparked by Jim Lyons' support for eliminating the buffer zone around reproductive health clinics where it is illegal to 

protest or loiter. Earlier this month, the Eagle Tribune published a letter defending Jim Lyons' bill and advocating for elimination the buffer zone - specifically stating the writer has "never seen or heard of pro-lifer attacks." We are all entitled to our own point of view, but not our own 

facts. The statement quoted above "does not stand the test of time and evidence" which we are asked to apply. Let's review:

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