Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


May 16, 2013

Andover deserves better than Town Meeting


A good solution would be an elected Town Meeting, like many other towns use. If each precinct had 20 Town Meeting representatives, there would be 180 voters, enough to assure all viewpoints being expressed. These elected representatives would be responsible for attending selectmen, School Committee and Finance Committee meetings so that they would actually be well informed about the decisions they are making. They would have time to accept voter input, research the answers to voter questions and just provide more informed, responsible decision-making. And, we would reduce the current risk that a small, organized minority of voters can get their agenda passed at a poorly attended third night of Town Meeting.

Maybe we don’t talk about changing Town Meeting because we think everyone else in town thinks it’s just fine the way it is. Well, I think Andover Town Meeting needs to be improved. We deserve better, but it’s up to us to speak up and call for changes.

Michael Vogler

32 Karlton Circle

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