Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 10, 2013

Let's set the record straight on the Townsman


In 1978, my student council friends and I staged a walkout of the entire student body of our regional high school. We gave speeches about the loss of young teachers due to budget cuts and, after some time passed by, returned peacefully to class. It was my interview in the newspaper that set the old man off. It put the heat on him, but it was democracy at its finest!

The fate of

the Andover Townsman

In November and December of this past year, a large number of Andover citizens signed a petition to maintain funding to the Townsman. Lead by three well known and active members of the Andover community, they called on our parent company to return funding to the Andover Townsman.

The passion shown for our newspaper gave Editor Neil Fater and me a lot to be thankful for over the holiday season. As two people who have dedicated the majority of our lives to newspapering, it is inspiring to know that you, our readers, care that much about what we do. But let’s set the record straight.

The Andover Townsman continues to be Andover’s newspaper and will be for a long time to come. To state it again clearly; we are not going anywhere and we are certainly not going out of business. Not on my watch. That record is now set straight.

Newspapers, as I am sure you realize, are businesses. They have the same fiduciary responsibility to their ownership as does any business. They must be profitable and the Andover Townsman is profitable. It makes money. It doesn’t lose money. That record is now set straight.

The Andover Townsman is a sister newspaper of The Eagle-Tribune. The majority of the services that produce the newspaper are housed in North Andover as are the services to the other sister papers throughout the North of Boston Media Group.

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