Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


January 31, 2013

Letter: Street lights keep people, pets safe

Editor, Townsman:

It is traumatic enough to be involved in an automobile accident where you hit some object or someone hits you, but nothing describes the feeling of hitting a living being.

In my case, it was a beloved pet.

Bailey is a beautiful 10-year-old Golden Retriever who somehow strayed from his yard onto Route 28 also known as South Main Street. How he got there is a mystery.

His owners did everything correctly. He is properly licensed, tagged, collared and confined.

I tried not to hit him, but I just couldn’t see him. It’s dark on South Main Street. The town of Andover keeps most of the street lights off to save money.

Bailey is not dead but his injuries required veterinary specialists, lots of time and money.

This incident could have involved a family walking uptown for a pizza, or a Phillips Academy student jogging, or elementary students walking home after their school activities.

I urge the Andover town manager and selectmen to take a serious re-look at this practice. It is not so much about crime as it is safety — safety for our families, our neighbors, our students, our seniors and our beloved pets.

Get well, Bailey.

Pamela Finnerty

176 North Main St.

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