Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

August 21, 2013

`Honest boys' offer reassurance of our futures

The Andover Townsman

---- — Editor, Townsman:

I am writing to recognize the professionalism of the Pomps Pond lifeguarding staff. I recently left my tackle box behind while fishing at Pomps. When I returned for it the next day, some young fishermen told me that some youths had found it and were out near the beach. After asking around, the lifeguards took me through the lost and found, and were very courteous and helpful. After several conversations, one of the guards said he thought he knew who the boys were who may have picked the box up, and would follow up with them the next time he saw them.

After losing the tackle box, I realized it was much more than a container of lures; it is a series of decisions based on knowledge and experiences gained over a lifetime. My children learned how to fish this summer, mainly at Pomps, and this tackle box was very special to them, as they had chosen many baits themselves.

The guards at Pomps were reassuring, responsible and consistently pleasant. They went out of their way to solve a problem that was beyond the scope of their assigned job. When they called to tell me that the box had been found, I was relieved and very appreciative. If these individuals represent our future, we should feel reassured.

Thank you to all who helped, the honest boys who returned the box and to those who did such a great job selecting and training this excellent group of young men and women.

Ted Suh

5 Somerset Drive