Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


September 19, 2013

Neighbors deserve action on blight properties

Neighbors deserve action on blight properties

Editor, Townsman:

Your article on blight properties was of great interest to us, as 27 Kirkland Drive is across the street from our home. We’ve been getting “assurances” that this problem will be resolved for more than seven years now. Beyond the issues of the unsanitary and potentially hazardous conditions, we also fail to understand why the town refuses to enforce its own bylaws, such as Section 6.7.4, which prohibits unregistered vehicles not in condition for travel from being in public view.

Andrew and Leslie Malis

30 Kirkland Drive

Step up to help pay back Tewksbury neighbors

Editor, Townsman:

This summer, Andover was faced with the very real prospect of a slots parlor in neighboring Tewksbury, in the Ames Pond area off Route 133, abutting West Andover. At a meeting at our library on Aug. 6, more than 100 town leaders and other residents heard from an official of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission what our town’s status would be as a “surrounding community.” It was not reassuring to learn of the negotiating process for “ameliorations” of potential costs for traffic, public safety and other areas that could be expected to impact Andover’s services and in some cases, homes and properties. It was also alarming to learn that Tewksbury’s boards and town manager were unanimously supportive of the plans of Penn National Gaming and pushing for approval of the necessary rezoning proposal to be acted upon at their open Town Meeting on Aug. 20.

Fortunately, a number of Tewksbury residents were of similar minds to many of us in Andover. With very little time to organize and marshal support, the ad hoc No Slots Tewksbury group pulled off a marvelous effort that resulted in the defeat of the rezoning proposal by an overwhelming 1568-995 vote. In Andover, there was a collective sigh of relief.

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