Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


October 4, 2012

Letter: Anti-parking zeal hurts business relationship

Editor, Townsman:

Salvatore’s restaurant or whoever owns that Park Street building seems to be sending the wrong message to the would-be-faithful customers. A drastic measure on stopping parking in this lot - to the tune of $150 paid to the Elm Street Auto tow company - is outrageous.

A breakdown of these costs are as follows for the less than 1-mile tow: $100 for towing services; $35 for “storage,” even though my car was still on the truck and did not touch the lot; lastly, $15 for gas. A construction worker at the Park Street site stated they have been taking over 100 cars out per day lately and gave us the phone number to the Lupine Road tow lot.

The stores that housed Rugged Bear have sat empty for over a year. This initial activity of construction enforcement around parking in this lot while shopping and supporting our downtown merchants come without a warning. There have always been signs to state it is a private lot, however the stores are not open and a more civilized approach would be a warning ticket to explain they want to keep space open for the construction vehicles.

We have been looking forward to Salvatore’s opening, which has been slow in coming. However, if this is the opening reception, it has fallen very short on quality and customer service to say the least.

As an avid supporter of our Andover businesses and frequent diner of local restaurants I am moved to take action. So for the other 99 residents who may have paid the insulting fees, what would businesses do if we all did not show up when they open their doors? I am sure a credit of $150 will not occur, but it would be a good start.

Sharon N. Fisher

Garfield Lane East

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