Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


December 20, 2012

Neighborhood's spirit worth a million

I want to tell you about the multi million dollar neighborhood that I live in. It’s one of many million dollar neighborhoods in Andover. We have landscapers, built in alarm systems, caterers and caretakers, we have pet sitters and babysitters. We have our very own park too. It’s not public. This all has a secret name. Only those who have lived in it or live in it now know the name.

About our landscapers…we all mow our own lawns and run around the yard moving the sprinklers to different locations. We plant our own flower beds and sometimes they are a success and other times they are not and we go to the expert in the ‘hood to get some tips. Our vegetable gardens benefit not only ourselves, but anyone who takes a liking to the latest batch of produce.

Our built in alarm system are the people in their homes on the street who are looking out their windows, looking out for each other.

Need a dinner? We’ve got caterers that can whip up a meal and walk it over in times of need. Just had major surgery? No problem. We have caretakers that will take turns checking on you, some with medical degrees, others who are simply just good at caring for people. Going away for the weekend? No problem we have ready and willing cat sitters and dog walkers that don’t charge for their time. Gotta run to the market real quick? It’s OK. You can leave and your children can continue playing outside and someone will keep an eye on them.

We are not best friends. We don’t vacation or celebrate holidays together. We don’t always share the same political views. We don’t share the same religion. We don’t dress alike nor do we have the same group of friends. In fact, we are often so very different. We do occasionally, at least once a year, crack a beer open with each other.

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