Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

October 25, 2012

55 middle-schoolers accept cross country challenge

The Andover Townsman

---- — Doherty Middle School runners continue to win the town’s middle school cross-country running competition to claim the “Golden Warriors Cup.”

The Andover Physical Education Department, in cooperation with the Andover High School cross country team, conducted the eighth annual Andover Public Schools Middle School Cross Country Run on Tuesday, Oct. 16. All boys and girls at the Doherty Middle School, West Middle School and Wood Hill Middle School were invited to participate.

This year, 55 students completed the race. The course started and ended on the track at Andover High School’s Eugene V. Lovely Field and included a combination of field running and road running.

“The event was held to bring students from the three public middle schools together in an environment promoting physical fitness, friendly athletic competition, school spirit and sportsmanship,” according to a release from Brian McNally, program coordinator. “All runners should be proud of their accomplishment.”

Andover High School cross country coach Leo Lafond and dozens of his team members laid out the course and conducted the event. Team members were spread out on the course to act as guides and assist runners and they timed the race and recorded race results.

Separate boys and girls races were held. The finishing places for the first five runners from each school in each race were added for a race score. The results from the boys and girls races were combined to crown a middle school team champion.

The team from the Doherty Middle School retained the championship that they have won each year. The Wood Hill Middle School team finished second and the West Middle School team was third.


Name Middle school time

Grace O’Hara Wood Hill 10:16

Juliana Kennedy Doherty 10:17

Maddie Rhodes Wood Hill 10:20

Julie Barbanti Wood Hill 10:46

Hope Joel Doherty 10:54

Sarah Cain West 11:00

Caroline Buck Doherty 11:14

Emma Joel Doherty 11:16

Gina Campbell Wood Hill 11:40

Paige Fabiani Wood Hill 11:42

Brooke Lenes West 11:48

Zoe Nepomnaushy West 11:50

Katherine Grygiel West 12:02

Kathleen Buck Doherty 12:13

Grace Dunn Doherty 12:14

Kathryn Oberg Doherty 12:15

Darya Lee Doherty 12:22

Sarah Williams Wood Hill 13:01

Meg Davis Wood Hill 13:07

Mackenzie Evans Wood Hill 13:14

Beanni Sharma West 13:16

Stefanie Sartschev Doherty 13:17

Mungai Sundaram West 13:29

Madison Gugger Wood Hill 13:34

Erika Park Wood Hill 13:43

Willa Huang Wood Hill 13:44


Name Middle school time

Matt Delacruz West 9:11

Raini Huynh Doherty 9:16

Owen Glover Doherty 9:17

Jacob Hudgins Doherty 9:27

Kevin Kiley Doherty 9:35

Sean Diehl Wood Hill 9:36

Aidan McBride Wood Hill 9:37

Jacob Peffier Doherty 9:43

Graham Scott Wood Hill 9:46

Andrew Brandenburg Wood Hill 9:56

Alex Durham Doherty 10:05

Michael Rushton Wood Hill 10:10

Evan Paige West 10:11

Ryan Perry Wood Hill 10:24

Ryan Case Wood Hill 10:26

Will Needham Wood Hill 10:29

Bruce Waters West 10:35

Matthew Schuhwerk Wood Hill 10:42

Jonathan Kim Doherty 11:19

David Dipasquale Wood Hill 11:24

Ryan McBride Wood Hill 11:27

Dean Miller Doherty 11:34

Gabe Papazion Doherty 11:47

Tripp Needham Wood Hill 11:47

Bradley Hernandez Wood Hill 12:37

Tucker Blanch Doherty 13:04

Shawn Chetatpal West 13:11

Nathan Davies Wood Hill 13:59

Noah Emerson Wood Hill 14:37