Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


February 20, 2014

Making her own way

From a basketball family, Alois becomes a star in hockey


“It was so awesome watching my sisters accomplish that,” Alois said. “I was always in the front row screaming and wearing their jerseys. They love the game so much and I loved watching them.”

It turned out to be a pure accident that led Alois onto the ice.

“When I was about 12, my mother took my brother (Donald) to sign up for hockey because my parents wanted him to try different sports,” she said. “I just happened to be with them that day at the sign-up and my brother said he would only play hockey if I played, too.

“I had never stepped on the ice before that in my life, but I said OK. He eventually decided on basketball, but I stayed with it. I loved hockey right away. It was such a different sport. It was so fast and so physical.”

For the next few years, Alois juggled both hockey and basketball, until it became impossible.

“For years, I would go from one practice to the other,” she said. “But in the eighth grade, the practices started to overlap and I just couldn’t do both anymore.

“It was such a hard choice because my two favorite sports were hockey and basketball. My sisters wanted me to play basketball because they wanted me to play with them. But they also wanted me to choose the sport I wanted.”

Hockey became the choice, and Alois set her eyes on her new love.

“I was lucky that I picked the sport up quickly,” she said. “I would Rollerblade with my brother a lot and would make him put on goalie pads and take shots at him. There was nothing like scoring my first goal; it was a game-winner with five minutes left in a Blue and Gold town game. Once I got older, I stared to score more goals.”

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