Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

January 17, 2013

Players of the Fortnight

The Andover Townsman

---- — For the week of Jan. 10, Coach Dave Fazio of the Andover High School boys varsity basketball team has nominated his initial recipient, and Coach Jim Tildsley of the AHS girls varsity team has nominated two recipients of this season’s “Player of the Fortnight” award.

The award will be given throughout the season to players who exemplify excellent support of their teams.

Fazio nominates Jack Konevich as his team’s first recipient.

“Jack Konevich is a great senior leader of this team. Through his leadership and strong personal attributes, Jack provides great team inspiration. His contributions off the bench are important to us, and are sure to be a big part of our success this season,” said Fazio.

Tildsley nominates Abby Katz and Emma Bentley as his first two recipients this season.

“Abby is a senior forward who is off to a great start for us. She’s comes off the bench and has given us some huge sparks. She’s taken a couple of key charges, and she’s contributed lots of offensive rebounds. She understands her role well, and we really value her contributions,” he said.

“Emma is one of our most improved players. She also understands her role on the team well. She always works hard in practice, and may well receive more playing time as the season moves on. Emma has a great attitude, and we appreciate the many contributions she brings to the team,” said Tildsley.

For the week of Jan. 17, Coach Fazio nominates Greg Dreyfus to receive the award.

“Greg is a truly unselfish senior athlete who does everything we ask of him and more. He’s leading the world in charges taken this season, he’s a great teammate, and we look forward to his further contributions this season,” said Fazio.

Next week’s Townsman will feature an additional winner from the girls team.