Andover Townsman, Andover, MA


November 1, 2012

Andover trio make plans for college swimming

Andover trio make plans for college swimming

One was among the top swimming recruits in the country, one was dedicated to diving in the Ivy League, and the third was considering following in her accomplished sister’s footsteps.

They may have been considering different schools, but Andover seniors Maggie D’Innocenzo, Deborah Daly and Ashlee Korsberg were all quick to agree on one fact.

The college recruiting process is not easy.

“I wasn’t as much excited as I was relieved for it to be over,” said D’Innocenzo with a laugh. “It is such a long process of flying around and no sleep. Coaches calling all the time. It’s tough.”

It may have been a challenge, but all three made their decisions late last week, with D’Innocenzo committing to swim for USC, Daly deciding to dive for Princeton and Korsberg committing to swim at Harvard.

“It is so great to make the decision,” said Daly. “All of September and most of October I was so stressed out. It was a hard choice, but I feel like I made the right decision.”

The star

D’Innocenzo, ranked the No. 32 recruit in the country by, did not flip a coin to made her challenging college decision. But a little luck didn’t hurt.

“(Last) Thursday night I sat down with my mom and we had narrowed the choices down to USC and Texas and I saw stuck,” she said. “I made a list of pros and cons, and it came out to a 9-9 tie and the (scholarship) money was basically even.

“My mother said to me, ‘As a joke, lets flip a coin. Heads for Texas, tails for USC.’ We flipped and it landed on heads, and I was kind of excited. Later I was talking to my father and he said we should flip a coin as a joke, not knowing I had already done it with my mom. It was heads for USC and tails for Texas and it came up heads. Then I started to realize USC was where I wanted to go. There was a sign there.”

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