Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

June 20, 2013

ANA Synchro bound for nationals

The Andover Townsman

---- — ANA Synchro, the synchronized swim team from the Andover/North Andover YMCA, is readying to head to Riverside, Calif., to compete at the largest synchronized swim meet in the country, the U.S. Age Group Nationals.

ANA Synchro achieved the final qualification to swim at the nationals, June 21 through 29, after a standout performance at the New England Synchronized Swimming Association Regional Championship meet recently held in Worcester.

The regional championship was one of the toughest of the season for the competitors. But ANA Synchro not only qualified to compete at the nationals, the local teams took home gold medals in nearly every age category offered, winning more overall points than any other team present by a wide margin.

It’s been back in the pool ever since for the teams, as they have prepared for the national stage and to take on the best teams from across the country.

NESSA Regional Championship Results

16-17 TEAM

Gold: Evan Costanzo, Maxie Zimmerman and Kate Quinn, all of North Andover; Nicole Carzo, Sachiko Hagiya and Gloria McNamara, all of Andover; Lily Koenig of Boxford, and Anna Barnes of Ipswich

Silver: Lily Zemelko of Derry, N.H.; Francesca Sajedi of Acton, Gates Bryan, Naomi Turner, Sabrina Ho and Lacey Kirks, all of Andover; Kathleen Qiao of Chelmsford, Lucy Yu of North Andover

Trio — Gold: Sabrina Ho, Kathleen Qiao, Lucy Yu; Fourth: Lily Zemelko, Francesca Sajedi, Lacey Kirks

Duet — Gold: Evan Costanzo, Anna Barnes; Bronze: Maxie Zimmerman, Kate Quinn

Solo — Silver: Gloria McNamara; Fourth: Lily Zemelko

Figures — Gold: Kate Quinn; Bronze: Anna Barnes; Fourth: Gloria McNamara

13-15 TEAM

Gold: Jillian Bohrer of North Andover, Jessica and Monica Alvarado of Methuen; Caitlin Klauer, Kimberly Feng, Lindi Schroeder, Georgina Hutchison and Melissa Zhang, all of Andover

Silver: Grace Alwan, Sophia Ju, Reverie Nedde and Anna Lang, all of Andover; Epke Paquette of Groveland, Alicia Yang of Acton and Jennifer Li of Concord

Trio — Gold: Monica Alvarado, Jessica Alvarado, Melissa Zhang; Silver: Nicole Carzo, Sachiko Hagiya, Lily Koenig; Bronze: Jillian Bohrer, Georgina Hutchinson, Kimberly Feng

Duet — Gold: Lindi Schroeder, Caitlin Klauer; Silver: Monica Alvarado, Jessica Alvarado; Bronze: Grace Alwan, Sophia Ju

Solo — Gold: Caitlin Klauer

Figures — Gold: Caitlin Klauer; Silver: Monica Alvarado; Bronze: Jessica Alvarado; Fourth: Kimberly Feng

11/12 TEAM

Gold: Gabriella Sajedi and Olivia Yang of Acton, Helen Zhou and Krystal Qiao of Chelmsford; Riley Spring, Ruby Remati, Sydney Ho and Emily Ma, all of Andover

Silver: Malinovskaya, Chen-Chen Song, Emily Huang, Emerald Tan, Emily Qiu, Katie MacDonald, Rebecca Page and Lakshita Motwanil, all of Andover

Trio — Gold: Anna Lang, Reverie Nedde, Jennifer Li; Silver: Gabriella Sajedi, Ruby Remati, Emily Ma; Bronze: Olivia Yang, Helen Zhou, Krystal Qiao

Duet — Gold: Gabriella Sajedi, Ruby Remati; Silver: Riley Spring, Sydney Ho

Solo — Gold: Lindi Schroeder; Silver: Reverie Nedde

Figures — Gold: Lindi Schroeder; Silver: Anna Lang; Bronze: Reverie Nedde; Fourth: Jennifer Li


Duet — Gold: Polina Malinovskaya and Chen Chen Song; Silver: Katie Wojcik and Melinda Zhang

Solo — Gold: Chen Chen Song; Silver: Polina Malinovskaya

Figures — Gold: Chen Chen Song; Silver: Polina Malinovskaya; Bronze: Katie Wojcik; Fourth: Melinda Zhang



Gold: Katie McGinness, Tanya Singh, Liah Santana, Heather Schuettner

Trio — Gold: Liah Santana, Heather Schuettner, Tanya Singh

Duet — Silver: Heather Schuettner and Tanya Singh

Figures — Bronze: Tanya Singh

11/12 TEAM

Gold — Olivia Lai, Helen He, Aleah Davidsen, Ella Reck, Anna Ionescu, Veronika Sokolova, Kyra Donahue; Bronze: Lauren Feng, Olivia Freund, Katerina Guerrero, Emily Chiang, Jessica Liu, Caitlin Robinson, Jessica Yirell

Trio — Gold: Olivia Lai, Helen He, Aleah Davidsen

Duet — Gold: Veronika Sokolova and Kyra Donahue

Figures — Gold: Veronika Sokolova; Silver: Ella Reck; Bronze: Aleah Davidsen


Gold: Olivia Liera, Maitri Naik, Katie Wojcik, Melinda Zhang

Figures — Gold: Olivia Liera; Silver: Maitri Naik