Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

January 17, 2013

All Those Years Ago

Compiled by Susan McKelliget
The Andover Townsman

---- — 100 Years Ago

Jan. 17, 1913

An automobile belonging to a Boston man and on the way from that city to Derry, N.H. met with rather an unusual accident on Tuesday morning on Main Street near Morton. In some way the front axle broke and the wheels came off so that the driver lost control of the auto, and the machine struck a tree near the side of the road, damaging the front quite badly. Word was immediately sent to the garage of W. H. Coleman & Co., and the machine was towed in to be repaired.

A beginning has been made this week in the work of moving various departments of the Tyer Rubber Company from their old plant to their new factory. A more detailed story of the advantages which are to be derived from the opening of the new mill, and the increased business prosperity which it will undoubtedly mean to the company will be given in a later issue of the Townsman.

Miss Ella Holt, who has been ill at her home on Maple Avenue for several days, returned to her duties at the office of the Cross Coal Company on Monday morning. On Tuesday she was again taken ill and had to return home.

75 Years Ago

Jan. 14, 1938

Andover’s political contests burst into full force this week with the taking out of nomination papers by a large number of candidates, with the tax collectorship, as was expected, the most sought-after prize.

On next Wednesday evening, Jan. 19, Joseph Szigeti, Hungary’s greatest violinist, will play a recital in the Meeting Room of George Washington Hall, Phillips Academy.

50 Years Ago

Jan. 17 , 1963

Photo caption: Only a set of small coincidences stood between Highway Dept. Superintendent Stanley Chlebowski and foreman John Lynch and possible mutilation or death Monday. A giant tractor-trailer ran driver-less down Lewis Street, and smashed their DPW office into splinters. This view was taken inside the garage, and shows the front end of the tractor poking through the interior office wall. It pushed timbers against a car parked there, pushing it over considerably from its previous position.

John D. and W.R. Hill have purchased the former Andover Press Building and the apartment house immediately in the rear, owned by Karl Killoran. Dana Hill announced the transaction, which he placed in the quarter-million dollar bracket. Originally Smart & Flagg, owners of the property where the Andover Press was located for many years, announced the agreement to sell the property to C. Lincoln Giles. The Hill interests have taken up Giles’ option. Mr. Hill plans to open a sports shop in the retail space on the street level with offices on the second floor. He said renovations will begin soon.

25 Years Ago

Jan. 14, 1988

Many Andover residents in favor of the Collaborative School attended the joint meeting of Andover and Lawrence to express their support Monday night. The meeting at Frost School, Lawrence, Monday night attracted approximately 100 people, consisting primarily of Andover residents.

Bill Buckner and Walter Hriniak will bring their professional expertise to a batting clinic to be held Sunday, Jan. 24, to benefit L.L. Preschool, a non-profit nursery school in Andover. Buckner, an Andover resident and California Angels designated hitter, and the Red Sox batting coach will work with youngsters interested in improving their hitting skills in time for the spring season.

Hughes Pharmacy, one of the oldest in Massachusetts, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. In an age of large business acquisitions and dominant retail chains this small town pharmacy has maintained its traditional background. “It’s a mom-and-pop type operation,” said Alan Hughes, owner of the pharmacy. Several local families, the Crowleys, the Lowes, the Daltons and now the Hughes, have owned the store.