Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

March 21, 2013

All Those Years Ago

Compiled by Susan McKelliget
The Andover Townsman

---- — 100 Years AgoMarch 21, 1913

Edward Eldred of North Main Street, who is employed by Charles F. Emerson, is suffering from a broken bone in his right foot. The accident happened on Monday as Eldred was adjusting his horse’s blanket, which the wind had blown over the animal’s head. The horse was nervous and, frightened by the sound of an approaching car, kicked out his hoof, striking Eldred in such a way that one of the small bones in the foot was fractured. After treatment by a physician, the young man was taken to his home.

The fire department was called on Tuesday afternoon to the farm of P.J. Hannon on Elm Street, where a grass fire was in progress. The flames were speedily extinguished with little damage.

Monday evening, April 7, is the date for the Andover club ball. If you are planning to go and have not been seen regarding a ticket, ask any member of the club about them or phone the club any night.

75 Years Ago March 18, 1938

John Mrudzinski of River Road was injured early Thursday morning at a fire which destroyed a barn, seven cows, and 20 tons of hay belonging to Albert Hardy of River Road. Marudzinski had awakened the family and then rushed over to attempt to save the cows. The family found him lying by the side of the barn later.

A tax rate conservatively estimated at $30.60 will result from last Monday night’s Town Meeting action in approving expenditures totaling $660,571.41. Town Treasurer Thaxter Eaton stated at the close of the meeting that the rate might be as low as $30.50 or as high as $32.00 depending on how close the estimate of receipts, valuations, etc. prove to be.

A false alarm awakened the firemen at the Central station at 5:50 Saturday morning, but it wasn’t a false fire alarm. The sprinkler alarm system in the J.W. Robinson automobile show room on Park Street went off, and firemen found the trouble was due to lack of air pressure in the system.

50 Years AgoMarch 21, 1963

Nearly every town department will wince at the cut, before Town Manager Thomas E. Duff is able to slice $42,000 out of their budgets. He’s promised to make it as easy as possible—but warns that the town must not expect some promised improvements.

The selectmen have voted to name a special committee to study the town manager charter and its operation and recommend “constructive criticisms and improvements” to the board. Selectman Philip K. Allen suggested the action, followed by a vigorous second from Paul W. Cronin, who commented that he was the only selectman to vote for the proposal at Town Meeting.

The actual tax rate for 1963 won’t be set until some time in April, according to Assessor William Russell. By that time, all local property values will be known, he explained, and accurate estimates of income to the town can be totaled.

25 Years AgoMarch 17, 1988

It’s mid-March and Anthony Torrisi, Andover director of finance, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. No, not because Uncle Sam was breathing down on his 1040A. Torrisi and his staff faced a different annual deadline, one that requires him to have the 1988 town budget ready for mailing to Andover residents at least 10 days before the Town Meeting.

David Birnbach announced Tuesday night that he will not be a candidate for re-election to the School Committee. Birnbach has been accepted to the graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “After much consideration, I have concluded that I could not effectively carry out my duties as a member of the Andover School Committee,” he said.

The atmosphere in West Junior High School’s auditorium Wednesday, March 9 was more like a rock concert than a school assembly. The main attraction, actor Robert Urich, evoked wild cheers that pierced the air. Urich’s visit to West was scheduled as part of Students Against Drinking and Drugs Jr. week.