Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

January 24, 2013

All Those Years Ago: Stories from Townsmans from previous years

Compiled by Susan McKelliget
The Andover Townsman

---- — 100 Years Ago Jan. 24, 1913

The new Colonial Theatre on Essex street opened on Wednesday evening for its initial performance. There was a large audience present.

Edward Bailey, the 17-year-old son of Nathan Bailey of River Road, West Andover, met with a terrifying but fortunately not serious accident, on Sunday evening about 8 o‘clock. The boy, together with some guests who had been visiting at the Bailey home, had driven to the Beacon Street car line; he had put his friends onto the car, and was proceeding towards home, when a man, whom young Bailey described as quite tall and wearing a gray sweater and cap, sprang out of the bushes and, grabbing the fur robe in the boy’s wagon, tried to make off with it. Considerably alarmed but still courageous, the boy held onto the robe and commenced to call for help. After two or three futile attempts, the man became enraged, pulled the boy from the team, and plunged a large knife into his body. The keen, razor-like edge cut through the boy’s overcoat and other clothing, but did not pierce the skin. After dealing a final blow over the head with the handle of the knife, the man gave up his brutal attack and disappeared in the direction of Toye’s icehouses.

75 Years Ago Jan. 21, 1938

Political activity let down somewhat this week, but enough additional candidates took out papers to bring the total number of names on the ballot to well over 45.

The town employees’ old age pension law, adopted by the town at the last state election, will cost taxpayer nearly a dollar on the tax rate this year, the selectmen stated last night. Over $12,000 will have to be appropriated for this purpose, and this expenditure will continue for several years, gradually tapering off.

State Sen. Frank D. Babcock of this district is entering a bill in the legislature allowing the state department of public works the power of restricting truck traffic on certain streets, in accordance with a request made of him by the Andover highway safety committee.

The condition of young Roger Dea, who was hurt while sliding is reported improving. Roger, who is one of the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dea of 28 Summer St., ran into a slowly moving automobile, while sliding down the driveway at this home last Saturday afternoon. He received numerous bruises and a slight concussion of the brain, but X-ray developments showed no broken bones.

50 Years Ago Jan. 24, 1963

The 48-hour-week for firefighters must go on the ballot. Town Counsel Fredric S. O’Brien has ruled that, despite requests to withdraw the question, it must go to the voters for action.

A 46-article town warrant has been officially closed—and the selectmen have grouped the articles for consideration by Town Meeting. Total value of all the articles is pegged at $3,412,000. Chief among the proposed expenditures is the new town hall, police and fire stations, at $1,500,000. Urban Renewal is listed at $359,000. The sewer projects to be done with accelerated federal funds come to $880,000. Rogers Brook is listed at $150,000; land acquisition at $100,000; stabilization fund, $100,000.

R. Wayne Long, 34, 291 South Main St., is a candidate for selectman at the town election March 4. He is the first announced candidate for the position.

A sliding accident Jan. 17, on the hill behind his home on Rocky Hill Road, has put 10-year old James Kidd on crutches and ended his participation in winter sports for the season. A long cast, extending from the ankle to above the knee, was necessary to immobilize the fractured shin bone.

25 Years Ago Jan. 21, 1988

There will undoubtedly be an article in the upcoming Town Meeting warrant authorizing the selectmen to mandate recycling. It has not yet been decided exactly what will be mandated first; maybe newspapers. Glass might come next and then, by spring, we may have grass clippings and leaves removed from the waste system. Watch for the town warrant and come to Town Meeting.

With less than a month before the filing deadline for several elected school and town jobs, only three Andover citizens have turned in nomination papers. So far, incumbent selectman Gail Ralston, challenger Jim Barenboim and incumbent moderator James Doherty have accumulated the required 93 signatures and returned them to town hall, said Town Clerk Elden R. Salter.

In first day testimony, three prosecution witnesses told jurors Tuesday they believed Constance Morris was under the influence of alcohol at the scene of a tragic car accident last year that claimed the life of one Andover youth and seriously injured two others. Morris, 52, the wife of Tewksbury Fire Chief James Morris, is charged with vehicular homicide and two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol in connection with the February 1987 death of Andover High student Peter Cookson.