Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

March 5, 2013

All Those Years Ago

Compiled by Susan McKelliget
The Andover Townsman

---- — 100 Years AgoMarch 7, 1913

Annual Town Meeting appropriations amounted to $194,425.00 with the following among the itemized costs--Almshouse expenses $4,000; horses and drivers, $5,200; Memorial Hall Library $2,500; fire-alarm boxes $600; snow, $1,000; soldiers’ relief, $1,000; street lighting, $5,800; town officers $7,000; water for eight fountains, $450, water for street sprinkling, $300.

Frank H. Messer had moved to his new headquarters in the Elm block on Elm Street. The store has been renovated and completely altered, and the outer office and large windows present a very tasteful and attractive appearance.

Judge Charles U. Bell, Mrs. J. W. Barnard and Philip R. French have been appointed as a committee representing the South Church to act with the assessors on the proposed church improvements. These include a new organ, new heating, the building of a parish house and various other provisions.

75 Years AgoMarch 4, 1938

The town election on Monday is expected to attract a heavy vote, despite the fact that for the first time in over a decade there is no opposition in the race for selectmen. The 15 candidates for tax collector, however, are expected to attract a large number of voters to the polls. In addition, there is considerable interest in the school committee, board of public works, and tree warden contests.

Miss Frances McTernan of 27 Wolcott Ave. received contusions and lacerations of the chin late last Friday night when two machines collided in a skidding accident on North Main Street near the Shawsheen Post Office. Miss McTernan was treated at the Lawrence General Hospital.

A car, stolen by two youths from Lawrence, caught fire in Shawsheen Village Tuesday morning, and after driving it up onto the sidewalk at the corner of Windsor and North Main streets the two thieves ran off, leaving a bewildered hitch-hiker to explain the situation to police.

Douglas Howe of Arundel Street and Donald Carter of Punchard Avenue returned from North Conway on Thursday having gone up for the winter sports.

50 Years AgoMarch 7, 1963

Paul W. Cronin, with 3,016 votes, easily topped the three-man field in the selectman’s contest Monday. Mrs. Barbara Moody walked off with the School Committee vacancy, taking a two-to-one lead over James Sullivan. Winston Blake topped a three-man field for the Housing Authority.

Russell G. Doyle, whose term as selectman ended Monday night, announced his support of Urban Renewal at this final meeting. In a 2 ½ page statement read to his colleagues, Mr. Doyle summarized the arguments for and against Urban Reneal “both with merit in their approaches.”

Low-flying military aircraft caused scores of telephone calls to the police station Monday night, as many residents obviously thought one plane was circling the area. Police said military planes from Bedford airport were using a beacon at the country club as a marker in a pre-planned flight.

A major access road from Waverly Road in North Andover into the industrially-zoned land behind Raytheon Co. in Shawsheen, is a real possibility. Construction of the road is seen as a major solution to the traffic and parking problems in Shawsheen Village.

25 Years AgoMarch 3, 1988

The proposed Collaborative School will have to wait until after the April 4 Town Meeting for a vote. At its meeting Tuesday night, the School Committee accepted a recommendation from the Planning Committee for the Collaborative School Project to withdraw the town article on the Collaborative School.

George Muise was sure he’d never see again until Dr. Wilson Horsley of Evergreen Lane restored a nearly perfect vision to Muise’s right eye, which had been blind since he was 10.

Andover High School teacher Jean Gilbert has set up a working nursery school at AHS. Her early childhood education students run the morning school, and get as much out of the experience as the young children.