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August 29, 2013

Sharing the spotlight

Teichert sisters shine in TV debut for `Twinsanity'

Allison and Valerie Teichert don’t like being twins.

But the 11-year-old girls do like being on TV.

And scoring that TV time this week had everything to do with the fact they’re twin sisters.

“It’s cool,” Allison said.

“Our friends said they wanted to be on the show,” Valerie added.

This past Tuesday night, the Teichert twins, who are going into the sixth grade this year, were featured as part of “Twinsanity!” on “Nick News” with Linda Ellerbee. The half-hour show aired on the Nickelodeon network.

According to a press release that publicized the program, the Teichert twins “have a tendency to finish each other’s sentences.”

Take this outtake from the show: “Val: ‘People ask us...’ Ally: ‘ you like being a twin?’ Val: ‘And we say...’ Ally: ‘No!’ Val: ‘Too many people get us mixed up...’ Ally: ‘...and we don’t like sharing!’”

It’s clear they have grown tired of being asked about being twins.

During an interview with The Townsman, they were asked if they shared each others’ clothes.

“No!” they replied in unison.

When asked if their father, former Andover selectman Ted Teichert, 52, ever got them mixed up, they both said, “Yes!”

For older sister Julianne, 14, a budding thespian who has performed in a number of plays locally, watching her younger siblings on TV has been an interesting experience.

“I think it’s neat,” she said. “It’s something different for a TV show.”

Allison and Valerie were asked to be on the show after their mother, Jeanne, responded to an ad on a website devoted to the mothers of twins.

She sent in an application, with photos, which was followed up by a phone interview with the two girls.

“I never thought after the phone interview they’d pick them,” Jeanne Teichert said. “I figured they must have had hundreds of people interviewing. The twins are kind of shy on the phone.”

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