Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

October 18, 2012

All Those Years Ago

Compiled by Susan McKelliget
The Andover Townsman

---- — 100 Years Ago— Oct. 18, 1912

On account of the several cases of rabies in town, the selectmen have decided to order all dogs muzzled or restrained for the next 60 days.

An alarm of fire was sounded on Tuesday evening for a brush fire in the woods on the Peter D. Smith estate. The trouble was quickly over-come with little loss.

Charles Coffey of Lawrence was given six months in the house of correction by Judge Stone in the local police court on Monday for stealing hens. Many complaints have been heard of late from residents of Frye Village, Burnham Road and the lower end of High Street in regard to chicken thefts.

One of the mechanics at work on the new Tyer factory was arrested by the police Wednesday for public drunkenness, as he was found in an intoxicated condition asleep on a lawn near the center of town. No charge was brought against him and he was released on Thursday morning.

75 Years Ago— Oct. 15, 1937

The Board of Public Works has now under consideration an offer of two second-hand boilers which if found satisfactory for use at the local pumping station would represent a substantial saving to the town.

Dead three hours, Kenmick R. Smith, 32, an optician of Boston, was found slumped in his car with the motor running, off Rattlesnake Hill Road last Saturday morning. Monoxide gas was given as the cause of death by Medical Examiner Dr. John J. Deacy.

The hold-up at Howard Johnson’s restaurant in May resulted in long prison sentences for three Greater Boston men when they pleaded guilty in Superior Court last Saturday.

The Lawrence Cooperative Bank of Lawrence has sold the old Shattuck-Parker store and buildings on Andover Street to Ralph and Lincoln Sharpe of Ballardvale. The sale was made through the Fred E. Cheever real estate office.

50 Years Ago— Oct. 18, 1962

Members of the Andona Society of Andover have been busy making plans and decorations for their first event of the year, the Harvest Ball, to be held Friday, Oct. 26, at the Andover Country Club.

Active members of the community, who devote part of their time to municipal service, can be the hardest hit by provisions of the conflict-of-interest law. Thus many boards and committees will find themselves without the services of these men and women, if the law becomes effective in its present form.

“Meet the Candidates Night,” sponsored by the League of Women Voters, will take place Friday evening at 8 in the Andover High School auditorium. Candidates for U.S. Congressman in the newly consolidated 5th Congressional District, Congressman Thomas J. Lane, Democrat of Lawrence, and F. Bradford Morse, Republican of Lowell, have been invited to participate. However, Mr. Lane has declined.

25 Years Ago— Oct. 15, 1987

The Planning Board voted Tuesday night to seize a $14,300 Subdivision Performance Guarantee bond from developer Arthur Kalogianis and use the town funds to complete unfinished storm drainage work for Kalogianis’ Olympic Village II subdivision project.

Planning Board Chairman Michael Houghton has responded forcefully to allegations by the Andover League of Women Voters that the board violated Open Meeting Law. Robert J. Bender, Assistant District Attorney for Essex County, informed Houghton last week of a written complaint filed by Jean Salazar, League president, contending subcommittee meetings of the board had met without proper notification of the public.

The Andover Chamber of Commerce has expressed appreciation to the Andover police department for its patrolling of the downtown business district.