Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

October 4, 2012

All Those Years Ago

Compiled by Susan McKelligett
The Andover Townsman

---- — 100 Years Ago—Oct. 4, 1912

Andover has a new physician, Dr. E.D. Lane, a homeopathic doctor of Lynn, who has opened an office over Whiting’s store.

John Anderson, the local blacksmith, has purchased a lot of land on Chestnut Street through the Rogers & Angus Agency.

The number of books issued at the Memorial Hall library for home use during September was 2,356 volumes.

If you want to know how a Dutch supper should be served, go to the Workmen Hall on Friday, Nov. 10, and see the Grange ladies do it.

Frank E. Gleason vacated his coal office on the corner of Main and Essex streets this week and has moved into his new quarters over Valpey Bros. store.

Remember the fair and entertainment of the Helping Hand Society at the Free Church, Oct. 25.

75 Years Ago—Oct. 1, 1937

Rev. Albert Coursin Morris, vicar of the Church of the Ascension in Boston, yesterday accepted a call to the rectorship of Christ Church, vacant since the resignation early in the year of Rev. Charles W. Henry. Rev. Morris will commence his new duties the first Sunday in November.

Ms. Reta Arkinson of 24 High St. on a shopping expedition with two other local public school teachers, had her pocketbook stolen from her in a Lawrence store on Saturday night. She had put the bag on a chair, and when she turned around, it was gone. It contained ten dollars in bills and her driving license.

With only Andover and Lawrence showing a stronger Republican vote than in November of 1936, Lawrence Connery, brother of the late Congressman was elected to the vacancy at the special election on Tuesday with a margin of 13,280.

Frederick E. Bennett of 51 Enmore St. was removed to the Lawrence General hospital Monday morning suffering from first degree burns received when he was repairing some fuses. He was burned from the wrists to the elbows of both arms.

50 Years Ago—Oct. 4, 1962

Ever hear of a pig that ate paper, lots of paper? Well neither has the pig farmer. And that’s the gist of a sad story surrounding the local garbage collection—lots of paper in the garbage pails. And fat little pigs just don’t like a diet of ink and paper, or paper bags or shirt bags. From complaints heard clear across the town, it has become apparent that the municipal garbage collection is one of the most monstrous headaches a bidder could inherit. For most of those putting paper in the swill have also complained bitterly when the pail full was left right where it was.

A representative group of merchants met Monday night, and agreed to form a realty trust to redevelop the commercial area if Urban Renewal is accepted at Town Meeting. A sub-committee was named to continue a study of the trust and work out the fine points of the organization. Named were Stanley Swanton, W.R. Hill, Robert Jeffreys, Douglas Pitman, Joseph B. Doherty and Atty. Robert Zollner.

McDonald Systems Inc, of Chicago, is prepared to begin construction of its take-out food stand on North Main Street, near the Plaza. The plan had been reported earlier this year, but construction had been held up for several months. Building Inspector Arthur Peatman issued a building permit last spring, which still covers the construction.

25 Years Ago—Oct. 1, 1987

The Andover Board of Selectmen Monday night refused to enter into a $4.8 million contingency purchase and sale agreement for the Champy parcel with owner Steven DeCrosta. In an unexpected action, the board instead voted 5-0 to begin eminent domain proceedings to obtain the land for affordable housing development.

Four new wings were recently added to Faith Lutheran Church on South Main Street. Pastor Dennis Kohl says the additions were necessary to serve a fast-growing community. But, he added, the building will probably have to expand in another 20 years.

Andover Recyling Inc. saved the town $18,000 over June, July and August. For those unclear about how this happens, let me remind you that the town is now paying on an average of at least $60 per ton for every ton of trash dumped at the North Andover incinerator.