Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

September 4, 2013

Popping up: Lady Jayne's hits the road

Mobile food truck serves up gourmet popcorn

By Dustin Luca

---- — An Andover couple who have spent years serving the community have now rolled out another treat for Andover: mobile popcorn.

The Gibsons — Scott, an Andover native and fire lieutenant, and his wife, Jo-Anne, a nurse at Andover High School who has been in town for 30 years — are the faces behind Lady Jayne’s Gourmet Popcorn.

When they’re not at their day jobs, they can be found in the front seat of their white-and-blue, 1957 International Metro Van that they have turned into a mobile concession shop for their original brand of locally cooked, gourmet popcorn.

The popcorn stand on wheels — which Scott Gibson says resembles the “bread trucks of yesteryear” — expands on a business that the Gibsons have been running for some time.

They’ve simply taken their recipe for selling creative popcorn flavors — which they have been offering by mail order and from a cart at local events — and brought it roadside.

Count them as part of the growing food truck movement in town.

“The whole concept was to get our feet wet with the cart, to test the waters,” Scott Gibson said. “We had already formed the business, but we wanted the truck.”

While the Gibsons offer traditional popcorn flavors, like classic butter and cheddar cheese, it’s the more unusual ones that have won them a following — concoctions like caramel maple bacon, lime chipotle and “Warrior Mix” — a hybrid of blueberry and banana flavors to mimic the town’s trademark blue and gold colors.

Jo-Anne Gibson said Lady Jayne’s is out to prove that popcorn, as a healthy snack alternative, “can be decadent.”

“You can take one to the movies, you can get one drizzled in chocolate, and it becomes a really great gift,” she said.

Gourmet popcorn, the couple said, has literally exploded in popularity in recent years. While their roadside business has taken off, they continue to ship Lady Jayne’s popcorn all over, with orders going as far west as Minnesota and south as South Carolina.

“We definitely see the company is going to grow,” she said.