Andover Townsman, Andover, MA

Where To Buy The Paper


Andover Liquors, 209 No. Main St., Shawsheen Plaza
Andover Spa, 9 Elm St.
Andover Townsman office, 33 Chestnut St.
Barron's Country Store, 429 Lowell St.
Brooks, 209 No. Main St.
CVS, 68 Main St.
Driscoll's Package Store, 5 Bartlet St.
Earthfood Store, 28 Chestnut St.
Express Mart, 4 Railroad St.
Grocery Bag, 54 Haverhill St.
Hometown Seafoods, 15 Barnard St.
Larry D's Village Deli, 32 Andover St.
Letourneau's Pharmacy, 349 No. Main St.
Main St. Mobil, 14 No. Main St.
Market Basket, 209 No. Main St., Shawsheen Plaza
Marriot Hotel Gift Shop, 123 River Road
Rolling Green Mobil, 309 Lowell St., across from IRS
Sundays General Store, 195 Andover St.
Village Liquors, 4 Poor St.
West Andover Mobil, 139 River Road
Wild Harvest, 40 Railroad St.

North Andover
CVS, 115 Main St.
CVS, 350 Winthrop Ave., Rte. 114
Eagle-Tribune, The, 100 Turnpike St., Rte. 114
General Store, 7 Johnson St.
J & M Country Store, 701 Salem St.
Joe's Variety, 220 Middlesex St.
Market Basket, 350 Winthrop Ave., Rte. 114
Osco Drug, 525 Turnpike St., Rte. 114
Richdale, 4 Main St.
Richdale, 533 Chickering Road, Rte. 125
Richdale, 75 Chickering Road, Rte. 125
Sam's Mobil Mart, 12 Massachusetts Ave.
Star Market, 109 Main St.
Super Stop & Shop, 757 Turnpike St., Rte. 114
Vineyard, The, 550 Turnpike St., Rte. 114

South Lawrence
Gary's Variety & Deli, 58 Beacon St.
Julie & Wendy's, 525 So. Broadway

Market Basket, 240 Main St.

Crystal's General Store, 1120 Main St.
CVS, 10 Main St.
CVS, 1900 Main St.
Lil' Peach, 2280 Main St.
Market Basket, 10 Main St.
Market Basket, 1900 Main St.
White Hen Pantry, 1699 Shawsheen St.

North Reading
Brooks Drug, 265 Main St.
Citgo Quick Mart, 237 Main St.
Convenience Plus, Main St.
CVS, 20 Main St.
Kappy's Liquors, 265 Main St.
New England Redemption, 158 Main St.
Phillie's Smoke Shop, 244 Main St.
Star Market, 265 Main St.
Super Stop & Shop, 97 Main St.
Temple Oil, 290 Main St.

Dave's Convenience, 170 No. Main St.
Market Basket, 230 So. Main St.
Richdale's, 27 So. Main St.

The Village Store, 561 Main St.

Galloway's, 176 Pelham St.
Market Basket, 70 Pleasant Valley St.
Richdale's, 76 Swan St.
White Hen Pantry, 319 Merrimack St.


Andover Townsman, 33 Chestnut St.
Andover Train Depot, Railroad St.
Bruegger's Bagels, 10 Main St.
Dunkin Donuts, 349 No. Main St.
Dunkin Donuts, Main St.
McDonald's, 195 No. Main St.
Old Town Hall, Main St.
Perfecto's Cafe, 79 No. Main St.
Rte. 133 & Beacon St. intersection
Shawsheen Square, Lowell & Poor St. intersection
YMCA, 165 Haverhill St.

North Andover
Perfecto's Cafe, 1077 Osgood St.