BOSTON — Nearly four decades after the last happy hour in Massachusetts, some lawmakers want to ease limits on discount drinks at clubs and restaurants to help businesses recover from the pandemic. But not everyone is celebrating the idea.

BOSTON — The state will give away $1 million to a fully vaccinated adult this week in the first drawing of VaxMillions, a game that aims to persuade vaccine-hesitant Bay Staters to get their shots.

ANDOVER — Former Youth Services Director Bill Fahey was fired earlier this year for a pattern of policy violations and overstepping boundaries, including “blatant refusal” to refer families to a licensed social worker, “providing mental health advice as an untrained lay person,” and sexual h…

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Should bars and restaurants be allowed to serve up discounted drinks, and should their patrons be allowed to celebrate “happy hour”? The state is again reconsidering a decades-old ban on booze specials. Proponents of a change say it’s timely and will help bars and restaurants recover from the financial strains still felt from the pandemic. Others, including Gov. Charlie Baker, are wary of lifting a restriction that dates to 1984, and they note the spate of drunken driving tragedies that led to it. Public opinion surveys show many people agree that it’s time to lift the ban. What do you think?

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